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For our Installation meeting we meet at:

The Masonic Hall,
Elm Avenue,
Long Eaton,
Derbyshire, NG10 4LR.

In fact, Long Eaton Masonic Hall is known as Cleve Lodge.
This map is interactive, simply use your mouse to pan and zoom.

 Lots of External photos to show access and the hall in general will be placed here when available

Long Eaton (), situated 8 miles east of Derby, has a history that goes back earlier than the 7th century. It lies close to the River Trent and borders Nottinghamshire, but is actually situated in the County of Derbyshire. Most residences however have a Nottingham address with the Nottingham postcode prefix NG, and use the Nottingham telephone area code 0115.

It is a common misconception that Long Eaton is part of Nottinghamshire. The reason for the NG prefix in the postal code is that all mail for Long Eaton first goes to the Royal Mail's Nottingham sorting office in Beeston (hence the NG), and then to Long Eaton's delivery office on Tamworth Road.

Long Eaton is referred to as Aitone, in the Domesday Book. The Anglo Saxon phrase 'Aitone' meaning town by the water, in this case, being close to the lowest bridging point of the River Erewash. Time past the settlement by for centuries, but during the industrial revolution and the 19th century Long Eaton awoke from its long slumbers to become a centre for quarrying, lace making and other industries, all boosted by the coming of railways and canals.

By 1870 Long Eaton had grown from a small agricultural village to a modest town with a population of about 3000. Its growth was mainly due to the development of a small machine-made lace industry during the first half of the 19th century, and the establishment of the railways in the 1850's meant the creation of Toton goods marshalling yard at one end of the town and a large wagon manufacturer at the other.

The first of the tenement lace factories was built just off the market place by John Austin in 1856 and by the 1870's a large influx of manufacturers, especially from Nottingham, had flooded the town. Its popularity was mainly due to a lack of union organization which meant wages were kept low, and rates were cheaper than in Nottingham.

By the early 1900's the population of Long Eaton and neighbouring Sawley had risen to nearly 20,000 and the lace trade was at it's height with an estimated 1500 machines in the town.

At one time Long Eaton was so unimportant that the now stately parish church of St Lawrence was merely a chapel of ease for Sawley. Then in 1868, the Victorian architect Street rebuilt the existing church using the nave as its new south aisle. The church of St John the Evangelist in College Street was designed by Charles Nicholson in the 1920's.

Joseph Pickford of Derby, built Long Eaton Hall as a private residence. Its prominent position in the town has made it an integral part of the scene, and, for a long time it has served as the Town Hall since being purchased by Long Eaton District Council in 1921. Long Eaton also has on its boundaries one of Derbyshire's public schools-Trent College, founded in 1868. 




Facilities within Cleve Lodge  

There is sumptuous bar at Cleve Lodge, providing a welcoming atmosphere to chat prior to and after any event or meeting. There is also a grand banqueting facility and rest rooms. The changing rooms are on the first floor adjacent to the Lodge. Fortunately, there is also a lift to assist those a little less able to the first floor.

Cleve provides an excellent facility for all sorts of events; with weddings and the like being most especially catered for. To find out more about the venue please click on the photo at the right, which should take you directly to their website. 



Getting to Cleve Lodge  


For detailed driving instructions,
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Long Eaton is east of the M1 (close to junction 25), being almost midway (8 miles) 'between Derby and Nottingham. Elm Avenue is directly off Derby Road (the A6005 being the main east-west trunk route through the town), almost opposite the prominent Christ's Church.



The street view image below is interactive, allowing you to view the entrance to Elm Avenue from either direction by virtually travelling along the A6005 (unfortunately you can't go virtually down Elm Avenue itself, but the entrance is left through the gateway at the bottom of the Avenue).



 Public Transport

Bus Services
Trent/Barton buses run the Indigo service in between Derby & Nottingham and also Loughborough & Nottingham (including East Midlands Airport).

Rail Services
Long Eaton railway station is at the junction of Tamworth Road (A6450) and Wilsthorp Road (A6002). It is about 1  miles from the Masonic Hall, which is a little over half an hour walk, or a few minutes by taxi.


Market Taxis: 0115 972 7700

Long Eaton Taxis: 0115 916 4444

M&S Cars: 0115 972 1222

East Midland International Airport (EMA) is south of Long Eaton, being about a 10 mile drive.
Trent/Barton buses also run the Indigo service from the airport via Long Eaton to Nottingham.
There is also a rail service direct to Long Eaton from East Midlands Parkway station, which takes 3 minutes (but significantly longer if indirect). To get from the airport terminal to the Parkway will require an internal bus journey (Rail Link) of about 15 minutes duration (Services are half hourly).
Arrow Cars operate a 24 hour, 7 day Taxi service from the airport (although any of the previously listed taxi companies would probably also collect and drop-off at the airport).

Arrow Cars: 01332 814000



Parking at Cleve Lodge  

There is a substantial car park that should accommodate all vehicles for any occasion or event.



Petrol stations in Long Eaton  

There are five petrol stations within approximately a mile radius of Cleve Lodge.



Banking services in Long Eaton  


There are four banks approximately mile from Cleve Lodge, all on Market Place (B6540):

Barclays Plc
Lloyds Plc

There are also several ATMs within a similar distance

A few yard further along Nottingham Road, the are both Tesco and Asda stores, which both have ATMs.



Local accommodation in Long Eaton  

There is ample local accommodation in the vicinity of Cleve Lodge. These venues are only mentioned for reference, have not been visited or reviewed. If however, anyone is aware of other accommodation that is more suitable, or have comments and recommendations, please let us know.

Novatel Hotel Contact details
  Bostock Lane
Long Eaton
NG10 4EP
Web address
(+44)115 9465111
(+44)115 9465900
  Europa Hotel  
  20-22 Derby Road
Long Eaton
NG10 1LW
web address
(+44)115 9728481
  Holiday Inn  
  Long Eaton
NG10 5NJ
web address
(+44)871 9429062

Guest Houses
Beeches Guest House Contact details
  16 Main Street
Long Eaton
NG10 1GR
(+44)793 562689
  Lawson Lodge  
  1 Lawson Avenue
Long Eaton
NG10 1BN
Phone (+44)115 9727621




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