The Scout Lodge of Mark Master Masons

The Mark Lodge for those with Scouting Affinities


WBro Tony Harvey, PAGDC, ProvGSec(Derbyshire), Primus Master

WBro Tony Harvey comes from a Scouting family. His parents, both of whom were active in the Movement, met at a Scout event. Following the modernisation of Scouting in 1967 Bro Tony became one of the very first Cub Scouts, joining on his eighth birthday, the earliest age possible at the time. He progressed through all the sections up to and including Venture Scouts. He is a Queen’s Scout and has held adult appointments as a Leader, a Commissioner (at both District and County levels) and as a Leader Trainer. Since the mid-eighties he has been involved with the work of The Scout Association’s national headquarters where he has been a member of a number of national teams, especially in the areas of adult training and activities, and has been a regular contributor to Scouting Magazine. He was awarded the Silver Acorn, for especially distinguished services, in the St. George’s Day Awards of 2006 and is a Scout Fellow. Internationally, he is one of four UK members of the World Trainers’ Network and is a B-P World Fellow.

At the time of consecration of The Scout Lodge MMM No. 1907 he was involved in a European project, representing the UK Scout Association, and was working with the UK Chief Commissioner to develop the leadership model and approach that The Scout Association will use for the future recruitment and development of all volunteer managers. He is a co-opted member of The Scout Association’s Operations sub-Committee, the group responsible for youth programme, adult training and the development of Scouting. Along with the founder’s grandson, WBro The Hon. Michael Baden-Powell, Bro Tony is a director of B-P Jam Roll Limited, a charity they formed to buy, conserve and display Jam Roll, the Rolls-Royce that the Scout Movement bought for Robert Baden-Powell in 1929.

Masonically, Bro Tony was initiated into Pioneer Lodge No. 9065, the Province of Derbyshire’s Craft Scout Lodge, in Scout uniform, and was a Founder of Walesby Forest Lodge No. 9674, Nottinghamshire’s Scout Lodge. He has been through the chair of both Lodges. He is also a member of the Essex Scout Lodge, Venturer Lodge No. 7897, and Authors' Lodge No. 3456 in London. He has joined most (is it all?) other Masonic Orders and holds Craft Provincial rank in both Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, as well as Grand rank in Mark Masonry.

At the time of consecration he was the Provincial Grand Mentor for Derbyshire, Director of Communications for the Derbyshire Festival 2014 (in aid of the Masonic Samaritan Fund) and Provincial Grand Secretary for the Mark Province of Derbyshire.

For the last few years Bro Tony has been the Kindred Lodges Association’s (KLA’s) liaison with The Scout Association. In that role he meets at intervals with the Chief Executive of The Scout Association, and other headquarters colleagues, to promote the development of relations between Scouting and Freemasonry. In 2008 he was invited to meet with the Grand Secretary at United Grand Lodge, to discuss the same topics. As a result, UGLE has endorsed this work and supports its objectives and Tony has continued to meet with the Grand Secretary since. In April 2010 the Grand Secretary hosted a luncheon to which he invited the UK Chief Commissioner, the Chief Executive of The Scout Association and its Chair of Trustees, as well as Tony. Tony is hopeful that this will be the start of continued meetings between the two Movements.

His hope is that The Scout Lodge № 1907 will become a catalyst and a vehicle for Mark Masonry to support Scouting.

The Scout Lodge of Mark Master Masons